Friday, November 18, 2011

Prototek Increases Production Speed of Sheet Metal Parts

Prototek Sheet Metal Fabrication, in light of the current economic situation, is still experiencing a boom of business. The company has recently added two new machines to their initial processing line of sheet metal prototypes and short run productions. These two new machines are the Steelmaster SMD1 and the Finish Pro 1460.
Steelmaster is known for its ingenuity and operator ease of use. This new deburring machine will cut times required to remove laser slag and tooling burrs from processed parts dramatically. Not only is it more efficient, but it will save on energy, it’s safer, and it’s better suited for a company where cross-training is a staple, with its intuitive user interface as a touchscreen panel. This deburring processor is extremely aggressive and very low maintenance. This translates to less time spent on individual parts, and more time is allowed for the constant flow of workload. Parts are fed into the front of the machine, where any slag is ground off the surface of the sheet metal or machined part. Then, it has rotating strips of sandpaper smooth off any sharp edges, and finally, a rotating drum of sanding sheet adds a smooth grain to the surface. Parts go in rough, and in a matter of seconds, come out with the quality you would normally expect from three or more operations. This will require fewer employees to work on a job, and alleviate potential bottlenecks while improving quality.
The second improvement is the addition of the Finish Pro 1460. This small deburring and graining station will be used strictly for smaller parts that deserve the attention and perfection normally achieved with the more technologically advanced post-processing machines Prototek utilizes. Again, the digital readout will allow employees with minimal training to crank out perfect parts every time.
The addition of these two machines will allow Prototek to take on a greater workload and increase quality while still reducing lead times. This is Prototek’s niche. Since 1987, they have been the leaders in the quick turn market of precision sheet metal prototypes, and there is no sign they are willing to lose that position.

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