Monday, June 11, 2012

Prototek Machining

Prototek has recently added a new CNC Precision Machining Cell. The addition of this new cell coupled with our proven "rapid prototyping of precision machining Delivery Solutions" has been a great success. Prototek continues to invest in new technologies to maintain our reputation as the "Leaders in rapid prototyping of precision machining Prototyping".
1 - Hurco VM2
1 - Hurco VMX42
3 - Hurco VMX24's
1 - TM8 Lathe
1 - Mori Seiki Lathe
1 - Hardinge Chucker Lathe
1 - Enco Engine Lathe
2 - Kent 3 Axis Knee Mills
1 - Mazek Nexus CNC
1 - Behringer Band Saw
Fowler F14-A Comparitor
Mitutoyo QM Height 600 Gauge
Wilton Horizontal Band Saw

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